Users are showing great interest in laser drilling of composite materials

04 July 2019

As every year, the Composites Group of the LZH presented innovative solutions for the laser-based processing of fiber-reinforced composites at the Composites Convention (June 12th - 13th, 2019, in Stade). This year’s highlight: a laser drilling system that can compete with conventional methods in terms of process speed - without any tool wear.

"Many visitors were surprised how versatile the laser is. The fact that you can drill, weld, cut and even repair composite materials with lasers was something that some experts were not aware of, "says Richard Stähr, a scientist in the Composites Group. “How the laser drilling machine works, how long the process takes, and up to which thickness the laser can drill holes in CFRP laminate were frequent questions. But also the quality of the drill holes and the costs for such a system were often topics of conversation at the stand", adds Dr.-Ing. Peter Jäschke, new Head of the Production and Systems Department at the LZH. He handed his previous position as Head of the Composites Group over to Dipl.-Ing. Verena Wippo on July 01st, 2019.

In addition to the laser drilling system, many visitors inquired about solutions for cleaning and activating surfaces. Besides, the LZH informed about laser-based procedures for these fields of application:

  • Laser welding of thermoplastic composite structures
  • Laser cutting using continuous wave and pulsed laser systems
  • Surface processing, including the preparation of joining areas
  • Repair processes using laser ablation
  • Development of customized process monitoring and control systems

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