Laser processing of composite materials

Surface treatment of fiber-reinforced composites


Laserbasierte Reparaturvorbereitung eines Flügeldemonstrators.

Using laser-based surface treatment, fiber-reinforced plastics can especially be prepared for repairing steps and adhesive bonding.

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Process development for laser microprocessing


Lasergenerierter Dünnfilmsensor auf einer Werkstückoberfläche. Bild: LZH

The LZH is examining whether laser-based processes can be used for microprocessing. Suitable processes can be optimized up to use in industry. Mainly ultrashort pulse lasers are used for this application.

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Cutting and drilling of plastics and fiber-reinforced composites


Laserstrahlgeschnittenes CFK-Laminat

Constructional and high-performance plastics, especially CFRP and GFRP, can be cut and drilled accurately with the laser, and in a reproducible process.

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Drilling and cutting of diverse materials


Ultrakurzpulslaserschneiden eines wärmesensitiven Materials

The LZH offers consulting, feasibility studies and process development for laser micro drilling and cutting of diverse materials. For this, ultrashort pulse lasers are mainly used. Suitable processes can be optimized for industrial application and integrated on the customers premises.

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Surface functionalization for biomedical and technical applications


The Industrial and Biomedical Optics Department offers the specific modification of surfaces of the most diverse materials in order to impart the desired properties for various biomedical and technical applications:

  • Wettability with liquids
  • Light absorption
  • Tribological properties
  • Biocompatibility

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Functionalization and structuring of surfaces


Laseroberflächenfunktionalisierung zur       Einstellung der Wasserbenetzbarkeit

The LZH offers consulting, feasibility studies and process development for the functionalization and structuring of surfaces. Here, ultrashort pulse lasers offer manifold possibilities to modify surface properties in a well-targeted manner to match the requirements of diverse applications. One example is the generation of hydrophobic surfraces.

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Consulting, design and system integration for optical component assemblies for pulsed laser material processing


Optische Baugruppen im Laserstrahlengang, Bild: LZH

The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. offers consulting, design and system integration for optical component assemblies for laser material processing. These can be customized for your application and integrated in your system.

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