Composites Group

  • Photonic processes for the cutting of fiber composites and technical plastics

  • Laser beam welding of thermoplastic materials

  • Process monitoring and control


The Composites Group qualifies photonic processes for the machining of composites and technical plastics. Here, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) - offering a high potential for energy savings, e.g. in the automotive and aircraft industry, due to their low density and at the same time excellent stiffness - play an important role. The overall aim is the large-scale use of lasers for CFRP processing in industry.

Besides, the group treats the surfaces of fiber composite structures to optimize them for subsequent glueing, varnishing or repair processes. So far, repair processes in the field of CFRP were very time-consuming and expensive. With photonic structuring processes, the LZH scientists modify the properties of the part to make the following processing steps more efficient.

Comibining various lightweight materials, such as for example the laser welding of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) with CFRP assemblies or the laser-based joining of metal-plastic joints, are another work priority. Here, too, the aim is to create the technical basis for saving energy using lightweight materials.