LZH with a new laser drilling system at the Composites Convention 2019

31 May 2019

From June 12th to 13th, 2019, the Composites Group of the LZH will be presenting innovative solutions for the laser processing of fiber-reinforced composites at the Composites Convention 2019 2019 in Stade - such as a novel laser system that drills up to 6 cylindrical holes in only 60 seconds.

In order to optimally process composite materials, the group in the Production and Systems Department of the LZH is working on adapting and optimizing various specific processes with the laser.

At the Composites Convention, a new type of laser drilling system will be one of the exhibition focuses of the group. "This system can drill up to 6 cylindrical holes in 2 mm CFRP laminate in just 60 s. Thus, the process approaches conventional processes in terms of process speed - without any tool wear, "explains the group's head, Dr.-Ing. Peter Jäschke.

In addition to the laser, the system also integrates safety monitoring, a handling and positioning system, a thermal camera and process control. Designed specifically for automated drilling, the system meets even the high standards of the aerospace industry. However, before being used in practice, the process, whose basic operation principle could now be confirmed, would have to undergo the usual qualification process.

In addition to the laser drilling system, the LZH will be showing solutions for these fields of application at the Composites Convention:

  • Laser beam welding of thermoplastic composite structures
  • Laser beam cutting using continuous wave and pulsed laser systems
  • Surface treatment, including the preparation of joining surfaces
  • Repair processes using laser ablation
  • Development of adapted process monitoring and control systems

The LZH tests and optimizes these processes for various composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP), engineering and high performance thermoplastics, as well as for processing fabrics, mats, preforms and prepregs.

Meet our experts at stand B6 and learn more about current trends and further developments in the laser processing of composite materials. More information about the Composites Convention 2019 can be found at https://cfk-valley.com/en/cfk-convention/composite-convention-2019/.