LZH at the CFK-Valley Stade Convention

28 June 2018

On June 12th and 13th, 2018, the Composites Group of the LZH presented innovative solutions for the laser-based processing of fiber-reinforced composites at the CFK-Valley Stade Convention. The main topics this year were applications in the field of civil aviation.

This year the focus was on:

  • Laser welding of thermoplastic composite structures
  • Laser cutting using continuous wave and pulsed laser systems
  • Surface processing, including the preparation of joining areas
  • Repair processes using laser ablation
  • Development of customized process monitoring and control systems

In many technical conversations, the scientists discussed the latest developments with other lightweight construction experts from industry and science.

"Presenting the latest processes in the field of laser-based processing of high-performance fiber composite structures is a core element of our work. The expert community in Stade is ideal for this ", says Dr. Peter Jäschke, Head of the Composites Group at the LZH. For the sixth time, the employees from the LZH Composites Group exhibited at the CFK-Valley Convention in Stade. "Many interesting and important contacts have been made and many co-operations started here", says Dr. Jäschke.