B. Schubauer
F. Haxsen
U. Morgner
J. Neumann
D. Kracht

Ultrafast Thulium-doped Fiber Mamyshev Oscillators: State of the Art and Future Scaling Prospects

Photonics North
12.-15. Juni
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Mamyshev oscillators are at the forefront of parameter scaling of ultrafast fiber oscillators. This paper focuses on the prospects of Mamyshev oscillators in the spectral 2 μm region based on thulium-doped fibers. Recent studies have reported pulse energies up to 15 nJ at a duration of 140 fs by a large normal dispersive cavity. Moreover, higher order soliton dynamics hold promise to scale the peak power into the MW-class for ultrafast fiber oscillators in the short wavelength mid-infrared.