S. Schwyn Thöny
M. Bärtschi
M. Batzer
M. Baselgia
S. Waldner
M. Steinecke
H. Badorreck
A. Wienke
M. Jupé

Magnetron sputter deposition of Ta2O5-SiO2 quantized nanolaminates

Optics Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
Quantized nanolaminates are a type of optical metamaterials, which were discovered only recently. Their feasibility was demonstrated by atomic layer deposition and ion beam sputtering so far. In this paper, we will report on the successful magnetron sputter deposition of quantized nanolaminates based on Ta2O5-SiO2. We will describe the deposition process, show results and material characterization of films deposited in a very wide parameter range. Furthermore, we will show how quantized nanolaminates deposited by magnetron sputtering were used in optical interference coatings such as antireflection and mirror coatings.