S. Unland
R. Kalms
P. Weßels
T. Böntgen
H. Mädebach
M. Hunnekuhl
D. Kracht
M. Lorrai
P. G. Lorrai
M. Hmidat
J. Butkus
L. Lukoševičius
J. Neumann

Comparative study with high-quality, functionally coated Alexandrite crystals for spaceborne LIDAR applications

SPIE Proceedings Vol. 12777, International Conference on Space Optics
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
A lot of investigations are ongoing for the development of laser systems with Alexandrite as active laser medium. These laser systems fulfill the general laser requirements for spaceborne Earth observation missions such as altimetry. However, to date, the laser systems and especially the coated Alexandrite crystals do not exceed Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4. Therefore, the Horizon 2020 project GALACTIC was initiated to develop reproducible, fully European supplier-based functionally coated Alexandrite crystals, which show at least the same optical quality and laser performance in comparison to the components from the leading suppliers on the global market (mainly US and Chinese companies) and further fulfill the qualification to be generally used in space (i.e. verification of TRL 6). We present the high optical quality and good laser performance results of our developed Alexandrite crystals tested in a cavity-dumped Q-switched laser system. Furthermore, we show on the one hand the reproducibility and on the other hand the competitiveness of our crystals by a comparison study with our GALACTIC samples and crystals from two non-European suppliers.