O. Stenzel
S. Wilbrandt
M. Schürmann
N. Kaiser
J. Wolf
D. Ristau
H. Ehlers
F. Carstens
S. Schippel
L. Mechold
R. Rauhut
M. Kennedy
M. Bischoff
T. Nowitzki
A. Zöller
H. Hagedorn
H. Reus
T. Hegemann
K. Starke
J. Harhausen
R. Foest
J. Schumacher

Investigation of the refractive index reproducibility for tantalum pentoxide coatings, prepared by PVD techniques

Optical Interference Coatings, OSA Technical Digest
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
Random effects in the reproducibility of refractive index and absorption edge position of Ta2O5 layers prepared by plasma-ion assisted electron beam evaporation, ion beam sputtering, and magnetron sputtering are investigated and quantified.