H. Schink
J. Kolbe
F. Zimmermann
D. Ristau
H. Welling

Reactive ion-beam-sputtering of fluoride coatings for the UV/VUV range

SPIE Proceedings Vol. 1441: Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
Fluoride coatings produced by thermal evaporation suffer from high scatter losses ageing and cracking due to high tensile stress. These problems impose severe limitations to the production of low loss multilayer coatings for the VUV range. A key position for improved performance is the microstructure of the layers. The aim of our investigations is to improve the microstructure of A1F3- and LaF3-'' films by ionbeamsputtering. Scatter measurements of single layers revealed lower values for lBS than for boat evaporation. Unfortunately sputtered fluoride films nave high absorption losses caused by decomposition of the coating material. By sputtering in reactive atmospheres and annealing we were able to reduce the absorption losses significantly. Antireflective as well as high reflective coatings were produced. Reflection and transmission values were obtained with a VUV-spectrophotometer. Damage tests at the 193 mu ArF laser wavelength were performed at the Laser-Laboratorium Gttingen. Key words: ion-beamsputtering fluoride films UVcoatings VUV-coatings color-center laser damage A]. F3 MgF2 LaF3. 1.