P. Kadkhoda
D. Ristau
F. von Alvensleben

Total scatter measurements in the DUV/VUV

SPIE Boulder Damage
28. September-1. Oktober
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Light scattering of optical laser components gains in importance for the short wavelength range. A standard procedure for the measurement of `total scattering' is described in the Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 13696, which is based on integration or collection of the scattered radiation. Meanwhile the measurement concepts have qualified for the VIS- and NIR-spectral region, investigations are necessary for an application of the standard procedure in the DUV/VUV. In this work the optical properties of selected diffuse reflective materials (PTFE, BaSO4, ceramics) are studied in the DUV/VUV spectral region (120 nm-220 nm). For the determination of the angle resolved scattering and the relative spectral reflectance of the samples, a commercial vacuum spectrophotometer is employed. Some of the samples exhibit a cosine angle distribution for the scattered light at 193 nm and 157 nm and can be used as calibration targets. Total scatter values of different thin film samples were measured at 193 nm by using these qualified calibration targets.