E. Blumenröther
O. Melchert
J. Kanngießer
M. Wollweber
B. Roth

Single Transparent Piezoelectric Detector for Optoacoustic Sensing-Design and Signal Processing

Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
In this article, we present a simple and intuitive approach to create a handheld optoacoustic setup for near field measurements. A single piezoelectric transducer glued in between two sheets of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) facilitates nearfield depth profiling of layered media. The detector electrodes are made of indium tin oxide (ITO) which is both electrically conducting as well as optically transparent, enabling an on-axis illumination through the detector. By mapping the active detector area, we show that it matches the design form precisely. We also present a straightforward approach to determine the instrument response function, which allows to obtain the original pressure profile arriving at the detector. To demonstrate the validity of this approach, the measurement on a simple test sample is deconvolved with the instrument response function and compared to simulation results. Except for the sputter instrumentation, all required materials and instruments as well as the tools needed to create such a setup are available to standard scientific laboratories.