S. Paschel
M. Steinecke
T. Kellermann
K. Kiedrowski
A. Melninkaitis
M. Jupé
A. Wienke
D. Ristau

Bandgap energy of quantizing nanolaminates and its relation to the laser-induced damage threshold in the ultraviolet

SPIE Laser Damage
18. September- 20. September
Dublin/Livermore, CA, USA
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Quantizing nanolaminates are an appealing alternative to classical coating materials with greater independence of the refractive index and the optical band gap energy. This leads to greater flexibility and considerable potential for LIDT increases in the ultra-short pulse regime. In this contribution, we investigate the LIDT of functional nanolaminate coatings in the ultraviolet spectral range and provide insight into the potential benefits of this novel material class by comparing the LIDT to that of classical optical coatings.