K. Rettschlag
F. Kranert
M. Hinkelmann
P. Jäschke
S. Kaierle
R. Lachmayer

Additive Manufacturing of Glass Materials for the Production of Optical, Thermal and Structural Components

Type: Buchkapitel
Additive manufacturing of optical, thermal and structural components requires a combination of different matched manufacturing processes. A new process development, which has only been investigated in research and development for a few years, is the additive manufacturing of glass materials. A wide diversity of approaches are being investigated and implemented in this area. In order to specifically manufacture optical components from a pure glass material without the use of binders, the process of fiber-based laser glass deposition is used as part of this work. This process makes it possible to add functional waveguides in previously impossible shapes, spherical lenses and solids additively on a glass substrate.