T. Joppich
V. Wippo
A. Menrath
P. Jäschke
F. Henning

A New Generation of Thermoplastic Lining Panels for Aerospace Application

International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites (ITHEC)
31. Oktober
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
The use of thermoplastic composites is a growing trend in aerospace industry due to its promissing potentials for outstanding specific stiffness and flame retardant properties being combined with reaction-free and integrative joining technologies. Addressing their potential, within the LuFo V-1 program a new generation of thermoplastic lining panels was developed, which can be applied in cases such as in the cargo compartment of airplanes. It consists of a hybrid reinforcement structure, which is produced in a two-step overmolding process and a liner, which is laser transmission welded to the supporting structure. The manufacturing of the panels was demonstrated using automated processes in full scale.