D. N. Nguyen
L. A. Emmert
I. Cravetchi
M. Mero
W. Rudolph
M. Jupé
M. Lappschies
K. Starke
D. Ristau

TixSi1-xO2 optical coatings with tunable index and their response to intense subpicosecond laser pulse irradiation

Applied Physics Letters
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
Ion-beam sputtered TixSi1−xO2 binary-oxide films of high optical quality with tunable bandgap and refractive index were produced using zone targets. The suitability of the films for high-power subpicosecond laser applications is explored by laser breakdown measurements. The observed scaling laws of the single-pulse breakdown threshold—a power law with respect to pulse duration and a linear law with respect to bandgap energy—are similar to results obtained with high-quality simple oxides. The single- and multiple-pulse breakdown behaviors of these binary films indicate only slightly larger defect densities than found in simple oxides.