LZH develops pump laser prototype for a 500 mW ultrashort pulse laser that suits industrial needs

Within the scope of the BMBF project RASANT (Raman pump sources for high-power femtosecond fiber laser systems), the industry partners Menlo Systems, Advanced Optics Solutions and the LZH have developed a compact and cost-efficient ultrashort pulse laser. With an output power of 500 mW, a pulse duration of 150 fs and 800 nm wavelength, the prototype, a frequency-doubled Erbium laser, fulfills the demands of the potential users in industry. The next goal is to turn the prototype into a market-ready product.

Among other tasks, the LZH was in charge of developing an Ytterbium laser with 1117 nm wavelength. This laser served as pump laser for the Raman laser that had to be developed as well. A particular challenge was to minimize the losses in the Raman unit. The final result was a prototype with an output wavelength of 1480 nm and an output power of 10 W, which was used as pump laser for the Erbium shortpulse amplifier and finally integrated into the entire system by the project coordinator Menlo Systems.

Ultrashort pulse lasers are particularly attractive for industry because, due to their extremely short pulse lengths, these lasers can processes almost any material, even biological tissue, in a highly precise, environmentally sound and cost-efficient way.  The so far used Titan-Sapphire solid-state lasers turned out to be both too large and too expensive. Therefore, the RASANT consortium now developed a compact and cost-efficient laser that fulfills not only the demands on size and priced, but provides the required output power of 500 mW, too.

The BMBF project funded through the „KMU-innovativ: Optische Technologien“ initiative started in May 2011 and was successfully completed in October 2013.

More information: http://www.photonikforschung.de/service/aktuellenachrichten/detailseite/archive/2014/02/05/article/kompaktere-und-kostenguenstigere-ultrakurzpulslaser-fuer-die-industrie/