LZH represented with 12 presentations at LASE, OPTO and BiOS at Photonics West

SPIE Photonics West
15 February 2023

With a total of twelve presentations, LZH scientists presented their research at this year's Photonics West. The world's leading event for photonic technologies took place in San Francisco from January 28 to February 2, 2023.

Scientists presented their work at the conferences LASE (lasers, laser sources and laser applications), OPTO (optoelectronics, photonic materials) and BiOS (biophotonics, biomedical optics and imaging).

This year, LZH Executive Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kaierle held the role of "Symposium Chair" of LASE together with Prof. Dr. John Ballato (Clemson University, US). In this function he also opened the "LASE Plenary and Hot Topics", where among other things the potential of laser-based additive manufacturing to simplify supply chains and reduce CO2 emissions was discussed.

Here is an overview of the LZH conference presentations:

Correlative imaging and quantification of the tumor microenvironment of triple-negative-breast-cancer using lightsheet microscopy, scanning laser optical tomography, and TPEF
Hannes Kamin

Segmentation of eye floaters from OCT data for fast and safe treatment of vitreous opacities
Sonja Johannsmeier

Multi-material additive manufacturing based on µ-dispenser technology for tailored polymer micro-optics
Fabian Kranert

Study on the spectral gain distribution and pulse self-compression in thulium-doped fiber Mamyshev oscillators
Benedikt Schuhbauer

Environmental testing of high-quality Alexandrite crystals and coatings for space applications
Stefanie Unland

Additive multimaterial 3D-structures
Stefanie Unland

Two-photon 3D-nanostructuring in metal-organic frameworks
Angeliki Afentaki

Laser-based, on-chip fabrication of glass-based core-cladding waveguides
Fabian Kranert

Simulations of imperfect refractive index matching in scanning laser optical tomography and a method for correction
Bjoern Ole Hill

Implementation of a multispot optic for temperature field-adapted welding of complex plastic components
Verena Wippo

Seam geometry manipulation by oscillation amplitude adjustment in the LDNA process
Tjorben Bokelmann

Material efficient production of Functionally Graded Materials using coaxial Laser Double-Wire Directed Energy Deposition
Nick Schwarz