Femtosecond laser at 2 µm: LZH and partners develop innovative high-energy laser

LZH Laser
LZH and partners are developing innovative high-energy lasers in the 2-micrometer range. (Photo: LZH)
18 March 2022

The LZH, together with partners from industry and research, is developing femtosecond lasers (fs lasers) that emit a wavelength of two micrometers. The innovative high-energy laser systems are particularly interesting for the micromachining of plastics.

No more compromises between the laser source and process quality

fs lasers have gained enormous importance in industry and are used, for example, for glass cutting of cell phone displays. They are also used for the micromachining of metals or ceramics. fs lasers usually emit in the wavelength range around one micrometer. For many applications, however, lasers that emit wavelengths around two micrometers are optimal - for plastics and organic materials, for example, which absorb energy particularly well in this wavelength range.

The scientists of the Ultrafast Photonics group of the LZH want to realize such an fs laser at two micrometers with more than 250 µJ pulse energy together with NeoLASE GmbH from Hannover and the Belgian partners Optec S.A., Lasea and Multitel ASBL. The project partners will also develop a complete system for material processing. The high-energy laser systems could be used for applications such as the manufacture of miniaturized, biocompatible medical components such as low-cost stents or catheters.


The project DISRUPT (Development of ultrafast Infrared Sources for Realizing Unprecedented materials Processes at Two μm) deals with the development of ultrafast infrared sources for realizing unprecedented material handling processes at 2 μm. In addition to the LZH, NeoLASE GmbH, the companies Optec S.A. and Lasea from Belgium as well as the Belgian research institute Multitel ASBL are involved in the project. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the funding code 01QE2102B.