Successful debut launch of the Einstein-Elevator, a globally unique drop tower

26 November 2019

Experiments in microgravity for four seconds, 300 times a day: scientists from HITec at Leibniz Universität Hannover realize conditions for space research here on Earth, opening new possibilities for researchers across the globe. The construction of the Einstein elevator was coordinated by the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology.

"Three - two - one - Go". The gondola weighing several tons shoots up into the yellow-blue-red tower - then in virtual free-fall it returns towards its launch position and the fall is broken at the last second.

The video of the Einstein-Elevator in operation will not only inspire the scientists involved in quantum physics and manufacturing engineers - it demonstrates to scientists all over the world  the possibilities enabled by the successful drive and guiding concept of the Einstein-Elevator. Great news for anyone researching under conditions of weightlessness. From spring 2020, the Einstein elevator will be available to them in regular research operation. 

The history of the origin of the Einstein elevator, statements by the scientists involved and a video showing, among other things, how Lego spacemen experience weightlessness in the gondola, can be found on the Einstein elevator page of HITec.


Source:  (ITA)