Taking the laser to the workpiece: mobile laser material processing

24 January 2018

So far, the on-site welding, cutting or material removal of large and heavy components was only possible within narrow limits. The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) and the SET Ltd. have now further developed a new mobile laser processing system to a prototype.

The existing laser processing system was, up to now, not very flexible to use. Therefore, the partners SET Scientific and Efficient Technologies Ltd. and LZH further developed the system within the course of the assessment project MOBILLAS under the roof of the EU project LASHARE, with the focus on increasing the flexibility. For this purpose, SET has, on the one hand, increased the processing length, and, on the other hand, implemented a second axis to extend the machining area...

This article was published in the online magazine phi – Produktionstechnik Hannover. Please click here to read the full article at the phi website.