Innovation Forum Optogenetics – program online

24 October 2017

Optogenetics - a novel technology that makes it possible to control biological functions with light - offers many perspectives and challenges. To evaluate these, and to identify future potentials are the goals of the two-day Innovation Forum Optogenetics - Technologies and Potentials.

In addition to exciting presentations, attendees will benefit from interactive workshops that are designed to jointly develop novel ideas and approaches for the future use of optogenetic technologies. The event will be accompanied by an exhibition with selected companies. The program is now available here.

Highlights of the evening event are a cocktail bar, a presentation by the light artist Franz Betz and an exciting brainball match - with the friendly support of the hannoverimpuls GmbH.

The event will be taking place on November 28th and 29th in the Forum Niedersachsen in Hannover. Register now (German form).