P. Mosel
J. Düsing
S. Johannsmeier
M. Patzlaff-Günther
S. Fröhlich
J. Mapa
S. Kalies
J. Bahlmann
T. Püster
J. Vahlbruch
G. Dittmar
H. Merdji
M. Fajardo
A. Trabattoni
A. Heisterkamp
U. Morgner
M. Kovacev

X-ray generation by fs-laser processing of biological material

Biomedical Optics Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
The use of ultrashort pulse lasers in medical treatments is increasing and is already an essential tool, particularly in the treatment of eyes, bones and skin. One of the main advantages of laser treatment is that it is fast and minimally invasive. Due to the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with matter, X-rays can be generated during the laser ablation process. This is important not only for the safety of the patient, but also for the practitioner to ensure that the legally permissible dose is not exceeded. Although our results do not raise safety concerns for existing clinical applications, they might impact future developments at higher peak powers. In order to provide guidance to laser users in the medical field, this paper examines the X-ray emission spectra and dose of several biological materials and describes their dependence on the laser pulse energy.