S. Malobabic
M. Jupé
D. Ristau

Spatial separation effects in a guiding procedure in a modified ion-beam-sputtering process

Light: Science & Applications
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
In the present state of the art, ion beam sputtering is used to produce low-loss dielectric optics. During the manufacturing of a dielectric layer stack, the deposition material must be changed, which requires rapid mechanical movement of vacuum components. These mechanical components can be regarded as a risk factor for contamination during the coating process, which limits the quality of high-end laser components. To minimize the particle contamination, we present a novel deposition concept that does not require movable components to change the coating material during the coating process. A magnetic field guiding technique has been developed, which enables the tuning of the refractive index in the layer structure by sputtering mixtures with varying compositions of two materials using a single-ion source. The versatility of this new concept is demonstrated for a high-reflection mirror.