M. Kellner
M. Heidrich
R. A. Lorbeer
G. Antonopoulos
L. Knudsen
C. Wrede
N. Izykowski
R. Grothausmann
D. Jonigk
M. Ochs
T. Ripken
M. P. Kühnel
H. Meyer

A combined method for correlative 3D imaging of biological samples from macro to nano scale

Scientific reports
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
Correlative analysis requires examination of a specimen from macro to nano scale as well as applicability of analytical methods ranging from morphological to molecular. Accomplishing this with one and the same sample is laborious at best, due to deformation and biodegradation during measurements or intermediary preparation steps. Furthermore, data alignment using differing imaging techniques turns out to be a complex task, which considerably complicates the interconnection of results. We present correlative imaging of the accessory rat lung lobe by combining a modified Scanning Laser Optical Tomography (SLOT) setup with a specially developed sample preparation method (CRISTAL). CRISTAL is a resin-based embedding method that optically clears the specimen while allowing sectioning and preventing degradation. We applied and correlated SLOT with Multi Photon Microscopy, histological and immunofluorescence analysis as well as Transmission Electron Microscopy, all in the same sample. Thus, combining CRISTAL with SLOT enables the correlative utilization of a vast variety of imaging techniques.