U. Hinze
A. El-Tamer
B. N. Chichkov

3D nanolithography with ultrashort laser pulses

International Conference on Applied Optics and Photonics
17.-21. Mai
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Two-photon polymerization (2PP) is a powerful tool for direct laser writing of 3D structures. Several properties make this technique particularly appealing for the fabrication of micro-optical and photonic devices: Due to the nonlinear nature of 2PP the resolution of polymerized voxels is scalable and can be beyond the diffraction limit down to sub-100 nanometer. Arbitrary shaped 3D microstructures of centimeter size can be fabricated by precisely overlapped voxels. Due to this 2PP has become a versatile tool for mask-free fabrication, and it is used for the fabrication of complex functional 3D micro and nano devices with applications in micro optics, micro mechanics, micro fludics, biology and medicine. The common approach is to move the focus of an ultra-short fs-laser within a photo resist polymerizing it selectively. For complex devices and objects with high polymerization volume the writing process can be parallelized with spatial light modulators. In this contribution, we present our recent results on efficiently producing micro- and nanostructures with the example of an opto-mechanical human implant, a diffractive intraocular lens.