M. Hinkelmann
B. Schulz
D. Wandt
U. Morgner
M. Frede
J. Neumann
D. Kracht

CPA-free amplification of sub-10 ps pulses in Ho:YLF to the mJ-level at 2 μm wavelength

SPIE Proceedings Vol. 10896: Solid State Lasers XXVIII: Technology and Devices
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
The generation of sub-10 ps pulses around a wavelength of 2 μm with pulse energy at millijoule-level in a compact CPA-free amplifier chain is presented. This laser source covers a broad range of pulse repetition frequencies from 1 to 100 kHz with a pulse peak power from 136 to 17MW, respectively. We used highly doped Ho:YLF crystals to achieve an overall amplification factor of almost 52 dB. A characterization of these crystals regarding upconversion losses and attainable small-signal gain supports this work.