P. Mosel
P. Sankar
E. Appi
C. Jusko
D. Zuber
S. Kleinert
J. Düsing
J. Mapa
G. Dittmar
T. Püster
P. Böhmer-Brinks
J.-W. Vahlbruch
U. Morgner
M. Kovacev

Potential hazards and mitigation of X-ray radiation generated by laser-induced plasma from research-grade laser systems

Optics Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
A large range of laser-matter applications employ ultrashort pulses and high laser intensity. Such processes can lead to unrequired X-ray generation, which represents a hazardous radiation factor even for common laboratory research-grade laser systems. We present here an analysis of the radiation dose rate and X-ray spectrum emitted during ablation of a rotating copper cylinder with respect to several laser parameters. The results show that focused sub-picosecond pulses with intensity above 1013 W/cm2 can exceed the annual irradiation limit even in one hour, requiring appropriate shielding for the safety of the researchers.