S. Blümel
P. Jäschke
V. Wippo
S. Bastick
U. Stute
D. Kracht
H. Haferkamp

Laser machining of CFRP using a high power laser - Investigation on the heat affected zone

European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM)
24.-26. Juni
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Different experimental series were performed using a fiber laser with a maximum output power of PL=6 kW in order to cut carbon fiber satin weave fabric with either an epoxy (CFepoxy) or a polyphenylene sulfide (CF-PPS) matrix and different thicknesses. In order to measure the arising heat affected zone (HAZ) micrographs of the samples were prepared and analyzed using digital image processing. The results show that the HAZ converge asymptotically to a minimum value for increasing velocities and increasing power. Furthermore, the maximum measured HAZ for CF-PPS specimens is larger than those of CFepoxy. As an outlook first results of a preliminary study using a disk laser with a maximum output power of PL=16 kW are shown.