M. Lammers
A. Barroi
J. Hermsdorf
S. Kaierle
H. Ahlers

Development of System Technology for Coaxial Laser Material Deposition of Optical, Thermal and Structural Components

Generative Manufacturing of Optical, Thermal and Structural Components (GROTESK)
Coaxial laser material deposition is a manufacturing process for Additive Manufacturing (AM) based on wire and powder deposition materials. The materials to be processed are melted by the laser radiation and deposited accordingly, so that the generative manufacturing of structures, the coating of surfaces and the repair of components are possible. The process can be used to process many fusible materials in the material classes of metals, ceramics and polymers. In order to map the processes and adapt them to the different materials, appropriate system technology is required, which places special demands on the laser beam sources and guidance used as well as the handling of the deposition materials.