K. Sleiman
T. Malek
A. Hohnholz
M.-A. Dittrich
P. Jäschke
S. Kaierle
B. Denkena
L. Overmeyer

Investigation on the temperature dependent morphology of deposited fibers for laser based glass additive manufacturing

Engineered Transparency 2021: Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Type: Buchkapitel
Additive manufacturing is established for the production of polymer and metal structures in many branches of industry. For glass materials, the feasibility of additive manufacturing was recently demonstrated. The Laser Glass Deposition (LGD) is one of the methods to manufacture glass com-ponents on a glass substrate with a CO2 Laser. Fused silica fibers (500 μm) are fed into the process zone that is irradiated by the defocussed laser. In this study the dependence of laser power, axis velocity and fiber feed rate as relevant process parameters on the heat input and the deposition mor-phology of the glass fibers were experimentally and numerically investigated.