J. Hermsdorf
B. Emde
S. Spiekermann
M. Huse
J. Neumann
M. Frede
S. Kaierle

Double pulse laser induced breakdown spectroscopy at 600 bar water pressure

11th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies (LANE)
07.-10. September
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
The demand for raw materials is growing and deep-sea mining is becoming increasingly important. It is of great interest to be able to analyze materials directly in the deep sea for mining or research applications. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a laser-based, non-contact method for analyzing material in terms of its elemental composition. This paper presents the design of a LIBS system to be operated in a water depth of up to 6000 meters. A compact double pulse laser with adaptable pulse interval was developed to address different water depths. The complete LIBS setup was tested in a pressure chamber and shows emission lines from zinc up to a water pressure of 600 bar. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first LIBS measurement at 600 bar water pressure.