R. Bernhard
P. Neef
J. Hermsdorf
H. Wiche
S. Kaierle
V. Wesling

Additive multimaterial 3D-structures

SPIE Proceeding Vol. 12412, Laser 3D Manufacturing X
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
The innovative use of integrative additive manufacturing with special materials opens up new possibilities through greater functionality as well as component integration. For this purpose, multifunctional optomechanical assemblies consisting of multiple materials are additively manufactured via laser metal deposition (DED-LB/M). A particular challenge in terms of process technology is the connection between incompatible metallic and ceramic materials as well as the connection with optical components. These connections are relevant in electro mobility and for the production of laser-optical systems. The successful generation of these 3D-structures made from an adapted molybdenum-copper-phosphor material system leads to the reduction of thermal expansion differences between the components in multimaterial combinations. This is the basis for reducing thermally induced mechanical stresses in the operation of laser-optical or high-power electronic systems. The evaluation reveals several significant process influences and mathematical prediction models are created. These models are used to determine suitable laser settings. The combination of the determined process settings and the adapted molybdenum-copper-phosphor material enables the additive manufacturing of property-adapted pseudoalloys. With the developed process strategy, it has been possible to bond test specimens to metal and thus additively create first multimaterial prototypes by means of laser metal deposition.