T. Willemsen
S. Schlichting
T. Kellermann
M. Jupé
H. Ehlers
U. Morgner
D. Ristau

Precise fabrication of ultra violet dielectric dispersion compensating mirrors

SPIE Optical Systems Design: Advances in Optical Thin Films
7.-10. September
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
The present contribution is concentrated on an improved method to manufacture dielectric dispersion compensating mirrors in the ultra violet (UV) range by applying a novel online phase monitoring device. This newly developed measurement tool monitors the group delay (GD) and group delay dispersion (GDD) of the electromagnetic field in situ during the deposition of the layer system. Broad band monitoring of the phase enhances the accuracy in the near infrared spectral range (NIR), significantly. In this study, the correlation of the GDD in the NIR and in the UV spectral range is investigated. A design synthesis is introduced to achieve optimum reflection and GDD target values in the UV and NIR. This requires a similar behavior of both bands according to deposition errors, to guarantee switching off the UV GDD target band proper, while monitoring the GDD in the NIR spectral range. The synthesis results in a design, characterized by a GDD of -100fs2±20fs2 between 330nm and 360nm in the UV and by -450fs2±10fs2 within 820nm to 870nm in the NIR. The fabricated sample, applying an ion beam sputtering process, consists of a 9µm layer stack of Hafnium oxide and Silicon dioxide. The first layers of the stack are switched and controlled by a conventional in situ spectrometric broad band monitoring in conjunction with a forward re-optimization algorithm, which also manipulates the layers remaining for deposition at each switching event. To accomplish the demanded GDD-spectra, the last layers are controlled by the novel in situ GDD monitor.