T. Grabe
J. Röttger
K. Rettschlag
R. Lachmayer

Additive Manufacturing of Optics and Optomechatronics: Multiphysics Simulation Environments for Process, Materials and Design Analysis

Generative Manufacturing of Optical, Thermal and Structural Components (GROTESK)
Simulation plays a key role in developing additively manufactured optical and optomechanical components, manufacturing processes and machine concepts. In the preliminary planning and further development of components and processes, simulation serves as the basis for investigating thermal, optical and mechanical effects within complex processes. In this work, multiphysics simulation environments are designed for the process and material development. On the one hand, the process for additive manufacturing of glass is characterized based on simulations to analyze the influence of machine design and process parameters on the printing result in detail. On the other hand, material parameters are determined, and requirements defined for developing specific materials for the additive manufacturing of laser heat sinks.