H. Badorreck
M. Steinecke
L. O. Jensen
D. Ristau
M. Jupé
J. Müller
R. Tonneau
P. Moskovkin
S. Lucas
A. Pflug
L. Grinevičiūtė
A. Selskis
T. Tolenis

Correlation of structural and optical properties using virtual materials analysis

Optics Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
Thin film growth of TiO2 by physical vapor deposition processes is simulated in the Virtual Coater framework resulting in virtual thin films. The simulations are carried out for artificial, simplified deposition conditions as well as for conditions representing a real coating process. The study focuses on porous films which exhibit a significant anisotropy regarding the atomistic structure and consequently, to the index of refraction. A method how to determine the effective anisotropic index of refraction of virtual thin films by the effective medium theory is developed. The simulation applies both, classical molecular dynamics as well as kinetic Monte Carlo calculations, and finally the properties of the virtual films are compared to experimentally grown films especially analyzing the birefringence in the evaluation.