Fiber composites: Laser technology becomes more and more important for the aviation and the automotive industry

"The demand for laser-based solutions for processing fiber composites is increasing“, says Dr. Peter Jäschke, Head of the Composites Group at the LZH, as a conclusion of this year’s CFK-Valley Stade Convention. 

Compared to 2013, the Composites Group has got more high-quality contacts. Mostly the visitors asked about solutions in terms of processing of edges as well as drilling, welding and surface processing of fiber composites.

The increasing acceptance of lasers and the growing interest in laser processing of lightweight construction materials underline the importance of the R&D activities within the LZH - for both the aviation and the automotive industry. 

Once again at the CFK-Valley Convention, which took place from June 24th to 25th 2014 in Stade, the LZH presented innovative solutions for processing fiber composites:

  • Laser cutting of technical plastics and composite materials, especially carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), using cw and pulsed laser systems
  • Surface processing
  • Repair processes using laser ablation and laser joining methods
  • Laser welding of thermoplastic composite structures
  • Development of customized process monitoring and control systems

350 visitors from 14 different countries came to the CFK-Valley Stade Convention, which took place in 2014 for the 8th time. Besides the top-class congress program, the products and services offered by the 40 exhibitors represented the entire value creation chain.