Lower Saxony Technical Internship on Tour – Visit at the LZH

Women participating in the Lower Saxony Technical Internship could expect an extended program during their visit at the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH). After an introduction to the fundamental physics of a laser and its fields of application, work fields in the R&D departments were presented. The visitors were guided through the institute by participants in the Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ), with whom they could exchange first work experiences.

At five stations the LZH scientists gave insights into their research work. Among other things, they explained the use of high-power lasers, the techniques used to weld thick metal sheets, and what a cleanroom is and why it is necessary for optical coatings. Further highlights were insights into the creation of nanostructures using two-photon-polymerization, and into 3-D imaging processes in the field of biomedicine.

The Lower Saxony Technical Internship (“Niedersachsen Technikum”) is a six-month trainee program, which aims at reducing reservations that female A-level students might have concerning the STEM disciplines, and to provide them with orientation between the subjects. The traineeship takes place at an institute or company, and is combined with an introductory study program the university. Once a week, the trainees attend scientific lectures and visit participating institutes and companies such as the LZH.

Female A-level students who are interested in combining an introductory study program at the Leibniz University Hannover or at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts with an internship at the LZH will find more information at www.hs-hannover.de/gb/niedersachsen-technikum or via zukunft@lzh.de.