Cutting Ultra-Thin Glasses

09 May 2019

Cutting of ultra-thin glasses is interesting for a wide range of applications, ranging from touch screens and medical devices up to multiple uses in the automotive industry. The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) now works together with Cailabs, a French deeptech company, to develop new laser-cutting and drilling processes for transparent materials.

Ultra-thin glass holds the advantage over thicker glasses and polymer inelasticity, flexibility, chemical stability and scratch resistance. Thinner sheets are especially interesting for touchscreen and semiconductor markets as well as next-generation products such as foldable smartphones, roll-up batteries and curved screens. The LZH and Cailabs want to evaluate ultra-short pulse lasers with Cailabs beam shape modules for micro processing of transparent materials. When this is successful, their goal is to develop a complete process.

"We are happy to begin a partnership where we can combine our expertise in shaping with the expertise of LZH, recognized in the development of laser processes," explains Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs.

“Beam shape modules will significantly improve micro processing,” says Dr.-Ing. Oliver Suttmann, Head of Production and Systems Department of the LZH. “Therefore we very much look forward to start the tests with Cailabs.”

The LZH and Cailabs will present first results in a talk at the ICALEO 2019.