Miniaturized chemistry laboratory on the way to Mars

30 May 2018

A bit like a chemistry lab for the vest pocket - the MOMA instrument. It will be used to study soil samples from Mars for traces of life. Installed in the instrument is a solid-state laser head developed by the LZH, which generates light pulses in the UV spectral range.

According to NASA, the flight instrument passed the tests required for delivery and can now be installed in Turin in the "Analytical Lab Drawer" of the Mars mission ExoMars 2020. The launch of the rocket is scheduled for July 2020 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

NASA press release about the delivery: “Scientists Shrink Chemistry Lab to Seek Evidence of Life on Mars”

More informationen about the MOMA laser oft he LZH: From Hannover arround the world and to the Mars: LZH delivers laser for ExoMars 2020