T. Willemsen
M. Jupé
S. Schlichting
M. Gyamfi
D. Ristau

Enhancement of the damage resistance of ultra-fast optics by novel design approaches

Optics Express
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
Dielectric components are essential for laser applications. Chirped mirrors are applied to compress the temporal pulse broadening crucial in the femtosecond regime. However, the design sensitivity and the electric field distribution of chirped mirrors is complex often resulting in low laser induced damage resistances. An approach is presented to increase the damage resistance of pulse compressing mirrors up to 190 \% in the NIR spectral range. Layers with critical high field intensity of a binary mirror design are substituted by ternary composites and quantized nanolaminates, respectively. The deposition process is improved by an in-situ technique monitoring the phase of reflectance.