M. Gültner
A. Große
M. Lohse
M. Hertel
U. Füssel
M. Droß
M. Lammers
J. Hermsdorf

Verbesserte Verbundhaftung von Metall-Textil-Verbunden durch Oberflächenstrukturierung mittels WIG-Lichtbogen- oder CW-Laserprozess

Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffkunde
5.-7. Juli
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Within the framework of the bilateral CORNET projects MeTexCom and MeTexCom2, new approaches were developed and tested to improve the adhesion strength of metal textile composites, with a focus on the targeted roughening of aluminum surfaces and the development of new acoustically insulating nonwovens. The metal textile composites were produced by melting thermoplastic components of the textile composites without a separately applied adhesive.For improved adhesion strength between metal and textile, roughness was generated on the metal surface by means of a novel arc treatment by an anodic polarized TIG process or a cw (continuous wave) fiber laser process. On the one hand, the goal was to produce uniformly rough, untercut surface structures in micro-and nanodimension by means of a highly dynamic arcing process. On the other hand, a similar approach was pursued with the cw laser method by using a single-mode as well as a multi-mode laser.