In-situ uniformity meter and controller



Development of an in-situ uniformity measuring device and controller for an IBS process to improve coating thickness uniformity

The cooperation project aims to develop an in-situ uniformity measuring device that allows the continuous automated determination of the layer thickness distribution present in an IBS coating process during the process. This information is to be used to adjust the optimum configuration of the coating system for very good uniformity initially more quickly and then regularly during the process, monitor it live, and document it continuously.

In addition, a controller based on the measurement system is to be developed which allows the coating thickness distribution determined in the process to be influenced explicitly during coating by controlling existing, automatically movable degrees of freedom of the coating system (e.g. position of the optics to be coated, the position of distribution apertures, etc.) in such a way that the initially adjusted optimum uniformity can also be maintained over long process periods, ideally permanently.

The project is being carried out by the Laser Zentrum Hannover e. V. in cooperation with the Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH.