LZH Composites Group at the ITHEC 2016

At the ITHEC 2016 (International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites) that will be taking place in Bremen from October 11 to 12, the Composites Group of the Production and Systems Department will be presenting the latest developments in the field of laser-based processing of fiber reinforced composites.

Suitability for serial production, high processing speed and low costs per part are the most important aims for the qualification of photonic processes for the use in industry, in particular in the automotive and aviation sector. For this purpose, the laser-based processing of thermoplastic fiber composite structures offer promising approaches. At stand B24, the LZH scientists show how these materials can be machined precisely and efficiently with customized laser processes. Here, the focus is on the following applications:

  • Laser beam cutting using continuous wave and pulsed laser systems
  • Surface treatment
  • Repair processes using laser ablation and joining
  • Laser beam welding of thermoplastic composite structures
  • Development of a customized process monitoring and control

Besides the exhibition, the Composites Group also supports the ITHEC as an event sponsor and shares knowledge about the "Efficient Laser Cutting of High-Perfomance Thermoplastic Composites" in their presentation about the potential of laser-based cutting of thermoplastic CFRP structures based on PPS and PEI (October 11, session B: Aerospace I, room: Hanse Saal, from 15:15 to 15:40).