LZH acquires 3D laser machine and high-power laser beam source for research services

08 May 2024

With the TruLaser Cell 3000 and the TruDisk 24001 from TRUMPF, the LZH is expanding its service portfolio in the field of laser material processing.


Laser beam cutting and welding processes are established methods in production technology. Their good automation capability and non-contact nature are particular advantages and ensure a high process reliability and efficiency. With the TruLaserCell 3000 from TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH the LZH now has the opportunity to profit from a widely used 3D laser material processing system for research and development purposes. This means that development results can be quickly and easily transferred to production. The system includes the TruDisk 8001 disk laser beam source with Brightline technology.

New system technology enables industry-realistic process developments

For use in research and development, the LZH now also has access to the Brightline TruDisk 24001 high-power solid-state laser beam source with an output of 24 kW for welding, cutting and surface treatment of metals. This TRUMPF disk laser beam source opens up new possibilities for the LZH in the field of high-power laser material processing, for example when welding thick materials in the construction of cranes, ships, wind towers, pipelines, construction machinery and steel, but also when processing thin materials fast and efficient.


Among other things, the LZH offers feasibility studies, contract research, process development and prototype and small series production for small, medium-sized and large companies.

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TruLaser Cell 3000 at a glance

Number of axes:
Travel range X-Y-Z: 800 mm ∙ 600 mm ∙ 400 mm
Laser beam power: 8 kW
Processing optics: Scanner optics, zoom optics, fixed optics
Processes: Laser beam welding, remote welding, flame cutting, fusion cutting
Industries: Automotive engineering, electronics manufacturing, component manufacturing, medical technology, ...