Survey on vitreous opacities of the eye

  • Current Your awareness of floaters
  • Your experiences with your own floaters
  • Floater treatment
  • Your everyday life
  • Your general quality of sight and health
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Thank you for supporting our contribution to floater research.

Please answer the following questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge.

Are you familiar with any of the following terms: Floater, vitreous opacities, muscae volitantes, mouches volantes, Myodesopsia
Do you see or have you previously seen phenomena that follow your eye’s movement – for example, when you look at the blue sky or a bright surface? These may appear similar to the images below.

Do you know anyone who is affected by this floater phenomenon?
What do you think are the possible causes of floaters? (You may choose multiple answers)
Which methods do you think can be used to treat floaters? (You may choose multiple answers)