S. Yilmaz
C. Ottenhues
M. Wysmolek
T. Theeg
S. Lamrini
C. Scholle
P. Fuhrberg
H. Sayinc
F. Ö. Ilday
J. Neumann
L. Overmeyer
D. Kracht

All-Fiber, Single-Mode Spectral Beam Combining of High Power Tm-Doped Fiber Lasers

Advanced Solid-State Lasers (ASSL)
4.-9. Oktober
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
We demonstrate an all-fiber integrated dual-wavelength Tm-doped fiber laser with an output power of 36 W by using the spectral beam combining method. In-house-made WDM is used for combination of TM-doped fiber lasers with different wavelengths while maintaining the single mode beam quality.