K. Sleiman

Laser based additive manufacturing of fused silica components for structural glass construction

Built Environment Additive Manufacturing (BE-AM)
01. Dezember
Type: Konferenzbeitrag
Additive manufacturing is an established technique in much of industry for manufacturing complex structures from polymer and metal materials. The additive manufacturing of glass materials is a very young process, which is based on through various approaches. For example, such processes are based on a glass powder bed or the layer-by-layer deposition of viscous glass from a crucible. In the Laser Glass Deposition process (LGD), a fused silica glass fiber (0.43 mm) is additively deposited onto a fused silica substrate by CO2 laser irradiation. In order to form structural components from complex contours, or solids, experimental investigations on the printing of homogeneous layers were carried out.