M. Patzlaff-Günther
M. Fromm
T. Kern
M. Bartram
A. Schwäblein
D. Heinemann
S. Johannsmeier
C. Framme
T. Ripken

Measurement of tear resistance after manual capsulorhexis and femtosecond laser-assisted capsulotomy of crystalline lenses

Lasers Med Sci
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (reviewed)
BACKGROUND In this study, the tear resistance of porcine lens capsules after continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC) and femtosecond (fs)-laser-assisted capsulotomy for cataract surgery (FLC) with different laser parameters is measured with a custom-made testing setup. METHODS Forty-five fresh porcine lenses were randomly chosen for CCC (n = 15) or FLC 1 (n = 15) and FLC 2 (n = 15). The FLC 1-group was treated with smaller spot distances than the FLC 2-group. The force necessary to break the opening of the anterior capsule and the maximum displacement were measured. RESULTS The mean tear resistance of the CCC-group (150 ± 70 mN) was higher than that of the FLC 1-group (60 ± 20 mN) and the FLC 2-group (30 ± 20 mN). CONCLUSION It could be shown that CCC leads to a significantly higher tear resistance of the opening than FLC in porcine lenses. The femtosecond laser group demonstrated that smaller spot distances lead to a higher tear resistance.