S. F. Mikhailov
M. Ahmed
V. Popov
M. Sikora
G. Swift
P. Wallace
Y. K. Wu
J. Yan
H. Ehlers
L. O. Jensen
L. Kochanneck

Production of 120 MeV gamma-ray beams at duke fel and higs facility

Proceedings of the 12th International Joint Accelerator Conference
Type: Zeitschriftenaufsatz (non-reviewed)
In this paper we report extension of the operational energy of the gamma ray beams produced at Duke High Intensity Gamma-ray Source (HIGS) up to {\~}120MeV, opening up a new high energy region of gamma rays for photonuclear physics research. This achievement is based upon development of radiation robust, thermally stable, high-reflectivity fluoride (LaF3/MgF2) multilayer VUV FEL mirrors, enabling us to maintain stable high intensity FEL lasing at the wavelengths of around 175nm. We discuss the challenges of HIGS operation at high gamma and high electron beam energies with the downstream FEL mirror exposed to extremely hush radiation. The experience of the first HIGS user operation with high intensity, high gamma-ray beam energies (85 and {\~}120MeV) using these new mirrors is also discussed.